Aviation Spreadsheets

NOTICE! The spreadsheets on this page are provided free of charge and may be used or distributed without permission from the author. These programs are provided without warranty, and there is no guarantee of their accuracy. Use at your own risk.


These spreadsheets are for MS Excel, but they will be converted to .pxl files when copied to the PDA so that they can be used with Pocket Excel. All of these programs work best if you turn off row and column headings while using them from Pocket Excel.

Brief description:

Logbook is a logbook built to work well on a Pocket PC. It contains summary information as well as a place to keep your currency information for medical and IFR currency.

Wind calculations can be used for crosswind component calculations as well as en route wind calculations and wind drift.

Weight and Balance is a weight and balance program that can be customized for your aircraft. It can adapt to aircraft where the CG shifts with increased gross weight.

Flight Plan Form is simply a form for an FAA flight plan. I found it comes in handy if I need to file a flight plan on the fly.

I hope you find these spreadsheets useful. Please feel free to report any discrepencies to paul@highplanes.com. I can't guarantee I'll do anything about them, but I would like to know. :-)

Paul Vanderveen