2 Seat Homebuilt Aircraft

American Ghiles BAN-BI MCR01

The American Ghiles BAN-BI MCR01 is a tiny little 2 seat hot rod (< 1000 lbs gross weight). It can burn up the sky at 190mph while sipping 100LL at a miserely rate; combined with low overhaul costs, this gives it an estimated direct operating cost of around $14 per hour!.

(Advertised build time is between 600-1000 hours)

This little aircraft has a lot to offer. It is simple enough to be flown by a low time pilot, and it can be flown affordably all day long just for fun; with its 1,000+ mile range it can even get you from here to the west coast in a timeframe that's comparable to commercial air travel (once you factor in the drive to the airport, waiting for baggage, arriving early for checkin, etc.).

For more on the BAN-BI MCR01 See Article on the MCR01 in AvNet