Six Seat Kit Aircraft

Aerocomp, Inc. CompAir 7

The CompAir 7 is the latest in Aerocomp, Inc.'s line of Conventional Gear composite aircraft. The CompAir 7 is a 300HP high performance, turbocharged 6 seater that has the power to get up and go in the mountains, and to cruise at around 200 mph. It is a great performer, but its size and power require the highest operating costs of any of the single engine aircraft that are listed.

If you compare it to a 1999 Cessna 206, you'll find that in the CompAir 7 you'll get a brand new aircraft that meets or exceeds the 206's performance -- and you'll save over $200,000 on the completed aircraft!!

(Aerocomp states about 800 hours build time)

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